Medico Legal Services

Medico Legal Services

personal injury, legal service, rehabilitative physiotherapyAt The Physio Group we provide assessment and rehabilitative physiotherapy services to the biggest personal injuries solicitors in Northern Ireland and Major Insurance Companies.

What is Whiplash?

This is a very general diagnosis given to an injury sustained in a road traffic accident usually a rear end car collision. Usually the symptoms affect the neck due to the head shifting forwards and backwards quickly on the neck although it can affect the lower back, legs or arms.

How can The Physio Group help?

Accurate assessment and diagnosis of the area injured allows our physiotherapists to use manual therapy techniques to restore normal movement and function. Therapeutic exercises are given to enhance and maintain any improvements during each treatment.

Do I receive a report after treatment has finished?

A Medico legal report or discharge summary will be issued only if requested by your solicitor or insurance company and may be charged for at no more than standard recommended prices.