Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

sports therapy, sports injuries, sports medicineIn The Physio Group, our physiotherapists have over 30 years’ experience of dealing with Professional and Elite athletes.

Acute Injury Management

The key to management of any sports injuries is ‘Early, Accurate Diagnosis’. Once diagnosed an appropriate treatment plan can be administered and if necessary onward referral for further investigations (MRI, X-Rays) or opinions of a consultant.

The Physio Group has an extensive network of specialists both in Ireland and the whole of the UK to ensure your injury is managed by the best professional available

Treatment of Sports Injuries

  1. Effective ‘Hands On’ Physiotherapy treatment
  2. Gym sessions if required
  3. Pitch based sessions depending on requirements of your sport

Chronic Injury Management

Very often sports injuries become chronic (long-term) due to:

  1. Return to sport too early
  2. Misdiagnosis/poor management
  3. Ineffective treatment
  4. Poor rehabilitation

Commonly these injuries include:

  1. Recurrent muscle injuries e.g. hamstrings or quads
  2. Tendonitis
  3. Groin pain
  4. Low back pain

At Our Clinic we will provide:

  1. Accurate diagnosis
  2. Hands on treatment
  3. Functional movement testing
  4. Structured rehabilitation program
  5. Effective on-ward referral if unlikely to respond to physiotherapy

If you would like to find out more details on sports medicine treatments at The Physio Group, please call us on 02830269733.