Surgery Prehab/Rehab


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At The Physio Group we specialise in the preparation for surgery and the rehabilitation post surgery.

Pre-Surgical Treatment

The most important part of pre-operative treatment is education.

  1. What exactly the surgery involves
  2. How long should recovery take
  3. How much pain, swelling and short term disability will the surgery cause
  4. What will the post op rehab involve
  5. When are you likely to return to work/sport

It is vital that a surgical candidate has as much knowledge of their condition and probable outcome as possible so they can mentally and physically prepare for what lies ahead.

The physical preparation involves ensuring not only the areas awaiting surgery but also the whole body is ready for surgery.

At the clinic we aim to:

The stronger, fitter and more mobile you can be pre-operatively the quicker you will tend to recover post operatively.

If you would like find out more details on treatment before and after surgery with The Physio Group, please call us on 02830269733.